Donkeyboy – Broke My Eyes

It may sound like a slick piece of electronica that has just ghosted off an Ibiza dancefloor but ‘Broke My Eyes’ is in fact the work of a group of youngsters from Norway called Donkeyboy. The other startling fact is that it is a demo, proving yet again that the song is the most important constituent of any piece of music. Not that it sounds cheaply put together, ‘Broke My Eyes’ has a rich sheen that exposes Cato Sundberg’s superb vocal feints (fellow Norwegian Morten Harket springs to mind) in a manner that they deserve. Given the right marketing this could certainly be a radio hit and with dance music currently in a critical slump it could provide the impetus to bedroom acts the world over. Donkeyboy have a handful of other tunes available for download from their myspace so if freebie treasures (or the mythical soundtrack to the Beach 2) are your want then you’ve found a map with a very big X. KD

Donkeyboy – Broke My Eyes

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More Info: Official & Myspace
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Year: 2007

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