Carter USM – After The Watershed

Jim Bob and Fruitbat may not exactly be iconic monikers in rocks roll of honour but for a while their zany brand of indie dance as Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine held the British youth market in its grip. Not only did they have the naff hair but from time to time they could pull a decent tune out of their turned up baseball caps. ‘Sheriff Fatman’ is a near indie classic yet it is this walloping dose of speedy beats, raging vocals and screaming chords that does it for me. ‘After The Watershed’ had to recalled as a single and never appeared on an album proper due to its reference to a Rolling Stones song (listen out for it, it’s obvious enough). The anger, the sniping vignettes and the rebellious 30-something (now 40-something) angst can be savoured all over again as the dastardly duo are about to embark on a 2-date reunion tour in Brixton and Glasgow. Expect slightly swelled torso’s and plenty of good time vibes and the general feeling that 1993 was one hell of a year. KD

Carter USM – After The Watershed

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Buy Album: [UK] 1992 – the Love Album [US] 1992: The Love Album
Year: 1992

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