Videohippos – Bear Fight

Remember I talked about ‘Person Pitch’ and ‘Scribble Mural Comic Journal’ being the most wilfully obscure yet satisfying albums of the year. Well, I should have pointed out that Baltimore’s Videohippos ‘Unbeast The Leash’ is another one to lump into this dishy set of experimental wonders. You see this duo have the capacity to pound sweet notes like they are going out of fashion without ever giving anything away through the use of nonsensical word chains. Sure they chirp and bounce vocal taunts in your general direction but they are limited to getting to the heart of the matter through a condensed sound that never overwhelms yet so utterly consumes. The best example comes by way of ‘Lazer Jet’, a frantic exhibition of light and sound that shall be cherished on these very pages in our Top 42 of 2007. In the meantime here is something almost as devastating, it’s called ‘Bear Fight’ and it’s got teeth. Not every Hippo has that said about them you know. KD

Videohippos – Bear Fight

Watch The Video To Lazer Jet

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Unbeast the Leash (June 19th)
Year: 2007

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