Ef – Hello Scotland

I spoke about this band over a year ago. The review was for a song of theirs called ‘Ett’, and I more or less compared it to something Explosions In The Sky were capable of doing in their sleep. Looking back it was a little unfair because it is now quite obvious that Ef are actually a prospect to saviour. The evidence; well there is this absolute beauty from ‘Give Me beauty…Or Give Me Death’ that rightly joins the pantheon of post-rock greats like ‘Helicon Part 1’, ‘Your Hand In Mine’ and ‘Levez Vos Skinny Fists’. Hell it’s even got some words that are suitably given an alluring canvass by a carousing string. This is a play over several acts, each one as devastating as the next, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even go for a swim in the buff. ‘Hello Scotland’ is an acute example of the power of music, dig in and get prepared for Ef’s next move in the autumn. KH

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Year: 2006

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