For Against – Coalesced

For Against have a rich musical heritage stretching back to the early 1980’s. I hadn’t heard of them until I stumbled across their music on the words on music label’s website. For Against create an attractive formula with Jeffrey Runnings lean vocals and their preference for energetic jangling riffs. This approach is never more evident than on the title track from their last album ‘Coalesced’ released in 2002. There is more than a hint of C86 in evidence with the vital ingredients uncluttered by plush recording techniques and openly left to fend for themselves. Things go supernova in the second half as the words are dropped in favour of the charge of the lightly tugged chord brigade. This is a band to fall in love with. KD

For Against – Coalesced

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Year: 2002

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  1. Anonymous
    April 21, 2010

    One of the best albums ever. Reminds you of everything you’ve forgotten and lost.

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