Jigsaw – Sky High

A casual cup of tea in an awful canteen at work is all it took to brighten up my day. Nothing to do with the leaves though, more to do with this chipper piece of pop that fell from a broken down stereo on a cobwebbed fridge. Yeah it has a Charlie’s Angels feel about it but the production is superbly rich and animated. ‘Sky High’ was one of Jigsaw’s major hits from the mid 1970’s, helped in no small way by being featured on George Lazenby’s ‘The Man From Hong Kong’ movie. Nothing beats a good chorus and ‘Sky High’ is endowed with one of the best. It’s aided by a distinct disco beat that should will also ensure it has a ready audience for the discerning wedding DJ for decades to come. Funny how a man with such frog eyed glasses could produce something so far sighted. KD

Jigsaw – Sky High

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Year: 1975

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