Rasputina – Cage In A Cave

Rasputina are an interesting proposition from Brooklyn who’ve been around since 1992. Melora Creager has been the one constant in a revolving cast of members. The band is characterised by their cello parts, which should appeal to those of the Joanna Newson and Regina Spektor (near identical vocally in my book) persuasion. Creager has travelled an interesting road having performed live with Nirvana on the In Utero tour. She has also spent some time with Ultra Vivid Scene, the Pixies and Belle & Sebastian so there is an interesting biography in her story (not least for her, somewhat ironic, obsessiveness to the memory of Howard Hughes to which I am myself afflicted). ‘Oh Perilous World’ is Rasputina’s sixth album and is released later this month on Filthy Bonnet (!). The album was conceived as Creager scoured newspapers and the internet for inspiration, a move that saw her partly abandon her historical conceptualisation. ‘Cage In A Cave’ is fresh and distinct, a welcome break from the lads and their guitars. KD

Rasputina – Cage In A Cave

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: [UK] Oh Perilous World [US] Oh Perilous World
Year: 2007

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  1. June 10, 2007

    This is great music! BTW: Thanks a lot for changing the link to us. That is very helpful of you!

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