Schooner – They Always Do!

Schooner’s Reid Johnson sings as if he is lying down. He gives off a none too bothered impression which just about fits in snugly with the slacker vibe that beams from the foursome that accompanies him. The Chapel Hill band are on their second album ‘Hold On Too Tight’ and ‘They Always Do!’ is a prime cut. It may harp back to a Beach Boy standard but ‘They Always Do!’ leaves the dual carriageway about half way through. The detour sees the band getting an attack of the I’m From Barcelona’s and we all end up holding hands and singing in unison. Not that I’m complaining because I’m all for music that you can embrace and be embraced for. With Schooner you just gotta drink it up and sail into the distance under a setting sun. KD

Schooner – They Always Do!

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Year: 2007

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