The Bright Space – Wrongstar

It seems London’s TBS flickered for the shortest time and then they were quenched. Well that’s the impression you get from their not-too-substantially-info-laden web spaces. It seems that James and Will haven’t let TBS going down the toilet put them off and have recently set up a new band called Janitor. Malcolm on the other hand has gone down the solo route (a route he repeatedly suggests he enjoys but somehow I’m not so sure). Tis’ a shame really that TBS, the band, are no more because songs like ‘Wrongstar’ and ‘Open My Eyes’ are pretty good indie fare. The guitars are tweaked to deliver maximum jangle and in doing so create the perfect platform for some impressive runaway chorus’s. Ah well, here’s to some bright new beginnings. KD

The Bright Space – Wrongstar

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The Bright Space – Open My Eyes

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More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy TBS Single: She Goes
Year: 2006

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