A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Things Only I Can See

No they’re not from Scotland but by the sound of them they probably have been rattled by a spell of incessant rain at some stage (one of them actually spent a couple years in Glasgow as an arts student). A Sunny Day In Glasgow are in fact from Philadelphia and comprise of a trio of siblings and 2 others. Their debut ‘Scribble Mural Comic Journal’ is undoubtedly a top 10 contender in the albums of the year stakes due to its lavish invention and artful appraisal of the genre they called shoegaze. ‘Things Only I Can See’ is a mesmeric, multi-layered romp that could easily be passed over by the less attentive. At certain angles it can sound like a blustery day but beneath the whirlpool of noise beats the heart of a beautiful tune. How do you explain this wonderful noise to an unbeliever, you can’t, it’s either a you get it or you turn on the radio. KD

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – Things Only I Can See

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Year: 2007

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