Buraka Som Sistema – Yah!

This is something and should really be what the bodies are dancing to in whatever place passes for Ibiza these days. ‘Yah!’ may sound fabulously unique but it takes direction from a whole genre of music known as Kudura (techno ‘hard ass’) which sprung from Angola in the 90’s. It’s influence has crept as far as Lisbon where Buraka Som Sistema are one of its prime proponents. Not sure whether an album of this material would be overly palatable but as a singular piece of music ‘Yah!’ is pretty exhilarating. I’d imagine it could pull a huge audience with drum n bass heads as well as old skool ravers looking for fresh thrills. Musical Youth with teeth. KD

Buraka Som Sistema – Yah!

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Buy Album: [UK] Yah [12″ VINYL]
Year: 2006

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  1. August 16, 2007

    Hello, i’m very happy about this post, because i’m from Portugal and i really like the new things released in my country. This band in particularity, is based in some electronic processes and an afric style of music named KUDURO, as you explained in a free translation – “hard ass”. I’m sorry to correct you but for your own information, i thought i really have to right here these. Congratulations for the discovery.(if my english is no good, i’m sorry too!)_bRoWn_

  2. August 16, 2007

    Thanks _bRoWn_ for the info. Typo now cleaned up!

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