Dark Room Notes – Love Like Nicotine

Dirt me up after some pristine pop he said, so in rolled Dark Room Notes’ perfect blend of eerie electronic expulsions and boy/girl kite flying voices. The Dublin quartet have released 1 single to date called ‘Love Like Nicotine’ and a pretty successful notice of intention it is too. A half human/half machine hybrid it scatters its propulsive melodies forth with an intensity that could startle some and coax others into random acts of vandalism. Picture DRN as the Human League had they landed on earth 20 years later with pounding headaches and a moody attitude but with no less sonic palettes. Their colourful industry means that the ‘Dead Start Program’ EP pencilled for October should shake the ghouls (and the lazy) from their dusty resting places. KD

Dark Room Notes – Love Like Nicotine

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Year: 2006

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