Diamond Jim – Little Heartbreaker

You may have heard of the Rondo Brothers, for this is where Diamond Jim (Jim Greer) plies his 9-2-5 in the music world. Greer has also done some session work with Scissors For Lefty and Handsome Boy Modelling School so one wonders how he’s managed to fire off 4 of his own albums as well. The latest is called ‘Big Bad Beautiful Dreams’ and much of it was recorded live. ‘Little Heartbreaker’ wasn’t and thanks be as it is a fragile little urchin that deserved careful nurturing in the studio. Greer has coined his work ‘bedroom music’ rather hoping that people understand what he means and just don’t drop off every time ‘Big Bad Beautiful Dreams’ gets within earshot. Doubtful though as ‘Little Heartbreaker’ clearly displays Diamond Jim’s output is anything but rough. KD

Diamond Jim – Little Heartbreaker

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Buy Album: [UK] Big Bad Beautiful Dreams [US] Big Bad Beautiful Dreams
Year: 2007

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