Little Name – Tracy & I

Perhaps the best thing about being in a band of one is the fact that you’ve got complete artistic control and there is a general lack of incidences that could result in a trademark messy break up. The only problem lies in the fact that the inspiration to make a success of it rests squarely on your shoulders. Thankfully Lee Barker has nothing to worry about as breezy twee pop nuggets appear to drop out of him like rain from a scouse sky. And anyway after 8 years of acute agoraphobia not making it in the cruellest industry is probably quite low down his list of worries. The irony of course is that the magic of his music just makes you want to rush outside and soak up the sunshine. ‘Tracy & I’ may have a melancholy story to tell but musically it’s a bundle of joy. The sprightly glockenspiel is the star of the show, with Barker’s softly lilting vocals and a background-drifting shaft of brass adding the requisite icing to a sweet piece of sonic savoury. Little Name in big lights soon. KD

Little Name – Tracy & I

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Buy Album: How To Swim And Live
Year: 2007

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