Miracle Fortress – Have You Seen In Your Dreams

I think I’ve found real love. Not Friday night after work drunken love, more that girl you’ve seen in that recurring dream of yours (or the girl you’ve just married). 2007 has still to work it’s magic on me, to date it has been a wasteland for outstanding albums (aside from the odd Panda Collective here and there) but I think ‘Five Roses’ may be about to become a very impressive notch. Miracle Fortress has come a little out of the blue, a little I say because Graham Van Pelt previously announced himself a while back with his main band Think About Life (‘Paul Cries’, we all do). Miracle Fortress is his own expedition though and his debut effort is a slinky sacrifice to the gods who invented breezy summer pop. By that you probably know who I mean (the one with the cover featuring lots of animal love) and ‘Five Roses’ certainly lives up to its billing focusing honeyed harmonies through the needle head of waves of neatly calibrated electronic devices. ‘Have You Seen In Your Dreams’ is a peach, with a slightly off-centre motivation it nonetheless descends from above like a celestial being. Record store sound systems were invented for tunes like this. ‘Five Roses’ has been shortlisted for the 2007 Polaris Music Prize (Canada’s Mercury Music). KD

Miracle Fortress – Have You Seen In Your Dreams

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Haven’t You Bought It Yet?: Five Roses
Year: 2007

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