People Noise – The Killing Fields

The Pumpkins newbie not doing it for you eh? Well, perhaps you should be sizing up some of the new kids on the block. Well, not exactly brand new in this case seen as People Noise main man Zeke Buck has been around for a bit with VHS or Beta. Still unsigned but getting there People Noise have nonetheless managed to release their debut album ‘Ordinary Ghosts’. ‘Killing Fields’ is a prizefighter from the album, with humongous chords, amphitheatre atmospherics and Buck’s partly distorted but brilliantly turned out vocals. There are nods to Swervedriver in that it is easy to get lost in the dirty noise without appreciating the entwined and beautiful melody within. Don’t let it happen cause you’ll be missing a proper rave down. KD

People Noise – The Killing Fields

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Year: 2007

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