The Mock Turtles – And Then She Smiles

You probably already know that the Mock Turtles wrote ‘Can You Dig It?’ but did you know that their lead singer Martin Coogan is Alan Partridge’s brother? Even more startling is the revelation that their major hit was originally a b-side to ‘Lay Me Down’, a pseudo psychedelic effort with an altogether easy charm. The Mock Turtles were an enigma who were capable of bright rays of glorious pop as well as a fair percentage of pedestrian gambles on what a madchester anthem should sound like. But any group capable of the kaleidoscope of noise that is ‘And Then She Smiles’ deserves a mention in the annals of rock history. The song flings shards of Hammond and knits threads of jangle into a vocal turn that portrays all the excitement of what it feels like when a girl you fancy smiles back. KD

The Mock Turtles – And Then She Smiles

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More Info: The Mock Turtles
Buy Album: [UK] Turtle Soup [US] Turtle Soup
Year: 1990

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