Elevado – Indigo Torch Serenade

This song makes me chuckle, it sounds as if it was put together haphazardly by a band in the throes of a come down jam after a bout of creative writing. And for all that I can’t stop listening, there’s method to the madness even if straying onto Elevado’s decidedly off the wall 4th album ‘This World Is On Fire’ is akin to absorbing a chapter from Ulysses. Elevado occupy a wing within the ISP space in Atlanta, a roomy expanse that gives experimentalists a breeding ground to feed their imaginations. While this may have certain people coughing up carrots it’s hard to be critical when you take a look at the universally high standard of bands leaking out of ISP. KD

Elevado – Indigo Torch Serenade

Watch The Video To Postcard From Four Walls Down

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Year: 2007

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