Redmalm – The Bravest Person I Know

These shards of electronic pulses are obscure I guess and I must apologise for hoisting them upon you on a day of rest but I’m too enraptured to desist. Redmalm is one David Redmalm from Uppsala in Sweden who has his fingers in several different musical enterprises including an ace band called Frankly My Dear. The latter dish out sweet indie pop numbers like they are going out of fashion so Redmalm must be a nice excuse for David to let his inner oddball run riot. ‘Things and Thoughts’ and ‘The Bravest Person I Know’ are certainly quirky but there are seismic ideas at work here. And if you look beyond the wild experimentation and stop/start momentum you’ll pick up generous nuggets of melody in the well turned out brass and fleeting female glances. Fans of lights.on and/or We Will Build are going to love this. KD

Redmalm – Things and Thoughts

Redmalm – The Bravest Person I Know

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: any day now from here
Year: 2007

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