Windom Earle – Kitten Vs Pegasus

Clamouring for a piece of the 80’s without having to reach for one of the ubiquitous compilations with the same tired old tunes? Well, let Windom Earle reach back to that decade with their slavish use of a primitive drum machine and synths that have long since been put out to pasture. The effect is not half as scary as you might think and once you get over the initial fright you may even get round to shaking a legwarmer to ‘Kitten Vs Pegasus’. In fact the more you inspect it the more you’ll realise what an accomplished piece of music it is. Multi-layered and iced up with a sweet vocal there is much to admire. My highlight is the dashing brass (even if it is digitised) that tilts its spinning hat towards the close. Windom Earle are lead by Stephan MacLeod, have been on the go since 1998 and are based in Nova Scotia, Canada. ‘Kitten Vs Pegasus’ is taken from their latest album of last year ‘Gold Wave’. Why not make like a flock of seagulls and glide over to the bands website where you can download many of their electro dreams? KD

Windom Earle – Kitten Vs Pegasus

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Album: Gold Wave
Year: 2006

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