Hybrasil – When I'm Yawning

Hybrasil, from Wicklow, are signed to Fifa Records. Whether they are also endorsed by the king of spin himself Sepp Blatter is open to question but their groovy ditties should at least have enormous appeal for football fans the world over. The Hybrasil sound is bulked up on electronic flourishes, pummelling tunnels of noise and a vocal presence that keeps all the disparate parts running in a neatly cohesive manner. Live, the band can be an exhilarating experience and in many ways their debut album ‘The Monkey Pole’ successfully recaptures that feeling. Think Kasabian were they to possess an imagination instead of a diploma in mimicry. In fact at their best, like on ‘When I’m Yawning’, Hybrasil generate audio torrents that Liverpool’s finest Clinic would be proud to call their own. This is the sound of the first collaboration between a music producing A.I. robot and man. As you might have guessed it’s also the sound of the future. KD

Hybrasil – When I’m Yawning

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Year: 2007

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