Maps – It Will Find You

If you’re in the mood for an open fire and a glass of red wine after a bad week at work then perhaps this is not for you. If on the other hand you feel like a spine tingling brush with high innovation then read/listen on. ‘It Will Find You’ is bedroom electronica at its most visceral, James Chapman actually recorded his debut ‘We Can Create’ in a cramped space but the alchemy that went on behind closed doors eventually wound up being nominated for the Mercury Music Prize. Chapman is based in Northampton, which holds the distinction of being the largest town in England. Not that you’d be able to find it on a map, which is both sadly ironic and partly redundant in a paragraph like this. ‘It Will Find You’ builds like a brewing storm until the tug of the digital waves eventually sweeps you off your feet. It’s also quite moving, in a melancholic kind of way. Just perfect when accompanied by a hot whiskey bought on the strength of a giro cheque. KD

Maps – It Will Find You

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Year: 2007

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