The Perishers – Going Out

I can imagine songs of this ilk having the producers of Grey’s Anatomy wetting their phoney hospital beds with excitement. Can’t blame them really, it may well be light on compositional ingenuity but boy does ‘Going Out’ sound comfortable on the ears. The Perishers are from Sweden, have been around for a decade now and this track is taken from their 2nd last album ‘Let There Be Morning’. Ola Klüft’s vocals on ‘Going Out’ could be the stock of a MOR classic (he has a lot more in his locker) but thankfully he sees fit to surround them with a good deal of indie pop flair. So while he croons a chiming guitar and stray keyboard dalliance flitter about with maximum effect. And by the finish the whole experience becomes oddly uplifting in a watching a sad movie and sniffling type of way. KD

The Perishers – Going Out

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Year: 2003

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