Pattern Is Movement – Right Away

Sometimes I wish it was easier to write a music blog. It’d be nice to be able to drop the clumsy attempts at colourful platitudes and the sometimes unrestrained effusiveness for a largely primary school standard of appraisal. That way when songs as glorious as Pattern Is Movement’s ‘Right Away’ hove into view I could tell you about how all my friends listened at first before breaking into a smile at the loveliness of the noise it made. Sometimes descriptions no matter how angular and insightful just don’t do a piece of music justice. This is one such case, the 2 lads from Pattern Is Movement Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward are just wholesomely made to sculpt precious audio. If only they were here I could stick several golden stars to their foreheads. KD

Pattern Is Movement – Right Away

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Year: 2007

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