Say Hi – Northwestern Girls

Very few tunes this year can match Band of Horses’ ‘Is There A Ghost’ for thrills played out with fine precision and ecstatic propulsion yet Say Hi’s ‘Northwestern Girls’ comes pretty close. For his 5th album (‘The Witches And The Glitch’) Eric Elbogen has decided to ditch half his moniker and it’s hard to argue with the decision. And even though the album won’t be in the shops until next year you can get it directly from his website straight away. And get this, as well as getting a brand new shiny CD you also get a limited edition t-shirt and some badges. Even those who prefer to chew on their thrills instantly are catered for as the package includes a complete set of high spec DRM free mp3’s. Not bad, looks like Mr. Elbogen has been doing his homework, quite unlike most of the cloth eared buzzards that have been running the music industry since 78’s were considered quite de rigueur. ‘Northwestern Girls’ is a splendid turn of events for Say Hi showing that behind all the twee faffing about there is actually a talented band with balls of steel. KD

Say Hi – Northwestern Girls

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Year: 2007/2008

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