The Studio – No Comply

The Studio’s ‘No Comply’ is like a big fat broadcast from a MW radio station in the 1980’s. It is an elongated creation, just when you think the Gothenburg duo of Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Häg can’t squeeze out any more they just up the ante and along comes another batch of solid good times. ‘No Comply’ is a patchwork quilt of ideas that gel in the strangest of ways. Once the disparate parts have bedded down though they become eminently danceable. There are flashes of old school New Order but the Manchester combo tended to be a good deal more linear in their approach. The tune is just one of a delightful collection of odds and ends that can be found on ‘Yearbook 1’ (the sequel is due in 2008). Use it wisely, then put your best foot forward this New Year. KD

The Studio – No Comply

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Year: 2007

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