The Tough Alliance – Silly Crimes

This is flippin eightiestastic, like Propaganda had come back after a fairly vigorous paint job and newly fitted electronic mechanisms. The source is once again to be found in Sweden, the capital of indie pop. The authors are Henning Fürst and Eric Berglund, a pair of fresh faced urchins with a penchant for waving heavy wooden objects at inopportune moments. With their new LP ‘A New Chance’ popping up all over the place in end of year lists it seems the world (or at least the outer reaches of the blogosphere) is beginning to cop on to their talents. And a cursory listen to ‘Silly Crimes’ should have you making like putty in their hands too. It is undeniably electro in nature but it’s the acrobatic shiny vocals that will have you on many return journeys. Peter, Bjorn and John had better watch their backs. KD

The Tough Alliance – Silly Crimes

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Year: 2006

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