Bigmouth Strikes Again – You Shall Know Our Velocity

Despite the name Bigmouth Strikes Again are most definitely not a Smiths cover band. In fact they are from a different musical sphere altogether, one that will have you thinking of several post-rock visionaries. Their debut ‘Ascender/Descender’ is vibrant and adventurous and quite an achievement given that the quartet recorded it during a short break away from real life mundanity. The album has plenty of big hitters with the best of them challenging the great Explosions In The Sky for emotive impact. Take the opener ‘You Shall Know Our Velocity’, which although quite short punches the air around it with the ferocity of a space shuttle at take off. It helps of course that the build up is absent; instead Bigmouth Strikes Again lay their noisiest cards on the table within the opening exchanges. If any of you remember Whipping Boy’s effervescent debut ‘Submarine’ this will surely rekindle the flame you once held for it. Close your eyes and dream of distant worlds. KD

Bigmouth Strikes Again – You Shall Know Our Velocity

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Year: 2008

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  1. Ev
    January 29, 2008

    Even better live, I think.

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