Computer Perfection – Able Archer

Funny, in years to come when people talk about RAR files they may not be referring to that alternative to the zip. Instead their minds could be focussed on a record label named Romantic Air Recording Co., which has recently slipped out several recordings of rare (cough) quality. Little is known of the Detroit based label but in its short time it has rubbed shoulders with artists as wondrous as PAS/CAL, Asobi Seksu, Sa Sevol and now this aluminous new talent known as Computer Perfection. As with Sa Sevol details are decidedly sketchy save for the fact that they are led by one Gene Roscommon Corduroy. I’m sure the intricacies will come to light as soon as the RAR train gathers momentum so for the moment we’ll just have to bask in the music. ‘Able Archer’ is pretty much hot off the press and to all intensive purposes sounds as crisp and satisfying as slightly frosted greenery on a winter’s morning. The guitars twinkle like a lot of little stars and the vocals are as suitably cherubic as one could expect from a grown adult. A new genre, Quiet Beautiful, is born. KD

Computer Perfection – Able Archer

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Watch This Space: Computer Perfection
Year: 2008

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