Housewife Lovers – Out of School

Not exactly the best medicine for a headache fuelled Sunday morning but that’s what the first aid box is for. Housewife Lovers is a quartet from Malmo who seem to have recovered remarkably from that European Cup loss to Nottingham Forest (they probably weren’t even born) to inflict some spiky new wave histrionics on the world. Housewife Lovers used to play their gigs in scattered apartments in the early days, they’ve since progressed to real venues where Henric Claesson can clear his throat and let that voice break any glass within 50 yards. ‘Out of School’ is very impressive in the way it never stops to pose or preen, instead it heads for the nearest throbbing vein. No blood spills but my does the pulse race as if some corpuscle chomping aliens are on the lookout for an easy meal. KD

Housewife Lovers – Out of School

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Year: 2007

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