The Cyanide Valentine – The Reprise

Chances are 2008 is going to be the year of the free album. Makes sense when you think about it. No point in having the best unknown band on the planet, in the early days at least it is all about getting your music out there and if that means giving your goods away for free then so be it. Think about it what great business idea makes money straight away? There is an expectation that the profit and loss accounts will be tilted heavily in the latter category early doors so why should it be any different with a musical product. The Cyanide Valentine have an undeniably good product and have decided that it’s worth letting the world know all about it at no expense to the listener. So a leisurely visit to their website will yield their hugely satisfying second album (as well as a slight migraine if you can’t stomach the dayglo colours) from the Boston band called ‘The Three Sides Of The Cyanide Valentine’. The album is a scattered joy, full of rounded indie pop kookiness and tiny electronic adventures. ‘The Reprise’ could almost be Sneaker Pimps in a grand mash up with Sydney’s Gerling and if that’s not enough to get you unzipping your mind then perhaps ‘Neanderthals’ will swing it. Now you know why they say what they say about the best things in life. KD

The Cyanide Valentine – The Reprise

The Cyanide Valentine – Neanderthals

More Info: Official & Myspace
Free Songs: The Cyanide Valentine
Year: 2007

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