The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button

I’m neither a great fan of the Simpsons or the White Stripes but the sum of their collective parts and all that. Last night as I flicked channels ’til my fingers bled I came across this Simpsons episode. It’s an inspired take on the White Stripes Michael Gondry directed video for ‘The Hardest Button To Button’ from their ‘Elephant’ LP of 2003. Probably wouldn’t have made such an impression if it weren’t for the music, which is irresistable (so Rolling Stones). The thing that puts me off the Stripes is their use of just the bare necessities, integrate another band member and you might lose the frisson between Jack and Meg but sonically it could do wonders. Fans would scream heresy I guess and if the Detriot duo can periodically produce triumphs like this perhaps I should just shut up. KD

The White Stripes – The Hardest Button To Button

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Year: 2003

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