Cats on Fire – I Am The White-Manteled King

It is quite likely that Finnish band Cats on Fire take themselves altogether too seriously. How else could you explain the melancholy expressions captured in the photo above on a sunny day in St. Stephen’s Green. I mean if only they could cut the cool image for one second and realise that sunny days and Dublin go together like Steve Staunton and tactical nouse. No matter, we’re here for the music and Cats on Fire are adept at supplying the jangling variety that is very close to our hearts. Their debut album came out last year but somehow got lost along the way. Pity really because it contains a collection of belters like opener ‘I Am the White-Manteled King’. You may pick up on a Smiths influence but even if the Moz isn’t your tea you’ll find much to savour. Namely a chorus of twinkling chords, an ancient organ backdrop and Mattias Björkas’s classic indie boy vocals. So forgive them their moody promo shots and instead bask in their summer flecked soundtrack. KD

Cats on Fire – I Am the White-Manteled King

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Year: 2007

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  1. February 24, 2008

    Yeah, they certainly have a C-86 shimmery style to them alright.

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