Jenna Nicholls – Just How Much

Jenna Nicholls has the sort of voice that entrances within a couple of seconds of coming into contact with it. What makes it even more special is the fact the songs she writes are so memorable. Nicholls is part of a new folk movement based in Greenwich Village called the Fairplay Collective (there are a smattering of Irish troubadours in there). Her voice is distinctive but from time to time you may hear traces of Norah Jones, Stina Nordenstam and most especially that singer from the Motifs who I don’t know the name of. ‘Just How Much’ is as unhurried as it is precious with Nicholls in reflective mood. The atmosphere is serene; you’ll pick every word that is uttered and find a world that normally goes at a million miles an hour slow to a relaxing canter. Powerful stuff, more of which can be found on Jenna’s upcoming album ‘Curled Up Toes in Red Mary Janes’. KD

Jenna Nicholls – Just How Much

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Year: 2008

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