Jeremy Warmsley – 5 Verses

What a strange little song, part pretty, part stained but a story you won’t be able to put down. It may only be a workaday scenario of star-crossed lovers but Jeremy Warmsley details it with such grace it makes for a fascinating drama. There is scope for a neat little indie pop tune here but the London singer songwriter forsakes it by adding variable crunching beats and electronic wheezes. And the funny thing is that it works wonderfully, a boy and a girl in a relationship where honesty is the first victim deserves a tarnished yet likeable soundtrack. Belle & Sebastian so often serve up harmonious ditties where the words utterly belie the music. Jeremy Warmsley ditches such confusion and goes the whole hog so whether you are a student of lyrics or just of the music that accompanies them you won’t fail to get the drift. KD

Jeremy Warmsley – 5 Verses

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Year: 2006

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