Good As Drink Is, It Always Ends In Thirst

Given its status and its undoubted potential to lift a band’s profile far beyond their own fans it seems a bit odd that so few of the Irish acts appearing at SXSW have promo tracks floating around. So despite an exhaustive search I failed to locate anything by Fight Like Apes, Channel One or Iain Archer (or even short arse Paddy Casey for that matter). Very little green on the torrent (SXSW and band endorsed I hasten to add) doing the rounds containing over 700 tracks gathered from the deep recesses of the SXSW website. It is always an intriguing listen as the fare on offer contains a sweep of genres. One minute you’re basking in the cutesy vocals and lithe melodies of Cathy Davey’s ‘Reuben’, the next you are being subjected to a badly maintained field of Bluegrass. Sometimes you gotta work hard for your aural pleasures but when they come in the shape of Delorentos that gigabyte of dross you’ve just deleted is quickly forgotten about. Guinness is good for you, as is the knowledge that Dublin County Council saved €20K on the green dye they were going to spill into the River Liffey after a savvy civil servant surmised that last year’s dye was still doing the trick. KD

Cathy Davey – Reuben

More Info: Official & Myspace
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Delorentos – Stop

More Info: Official & Myspace
Buy Songs: Delorentos

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