Rant & Deck (something) #2 – Streaming

Streaming, much like renting, serves a purpose up to a point (I have 3 on this site alone!) but ultimately gets you nowhere. Before the advent of the internet music fans would have killed for a device that allowed them to pick and choose what they could listen to. I can recall the NME website offering up various streams of hot new tracks from their website in the mid-nineties and it all seemed so magical. But this is 2008 and the landscape has changed dramatically. Free downloads are ubiquitous and given the choice between owning a song to listen to at your leisure or playing it via a wonky web player most would chose the former. Kids today are impatient and spoilt for choice when it comes to music and when this is twinned with rapid fire broadband streaming is viewed as yesterday’s innovation. Media pages laden with streaming tunes as opposed to mp3 freebies could soon become the stuff of irritation and hinder a band’s chances of acquiring new fans. KD

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