The Sound of the Sixties

Scientists today announced that they have unearthed a prewiki sound recording that goes by the name of ‘Au Clair de la Lune’. With a bitrate of just over that of an almost completely free Radiohead mp3 it has sent audiophiles into spasms of delight as the entrancing ditty dates back to 1860. Early rumours suggesting that the vocals sounded eerily familiar to a precocious teenage Mick Jagger were quashed after a savvy music journalist phoned up Jack White asking for Jagger’s real DOB. Initially it was feared that Michael Jackson (of the Jackson 5) was about to launch a multi-million bid to buy the rights to ‘Clair’ but it seems a last minute intervention by Louis Walsh has saved the day and we are likely to hear Westlife’s imaginative reworking of the priceless audio (with 356 piece orchestral backing) on their comeback tour which is tenuously titled ‘Unrecordable’. Meanwhile soot covered recording (SCR) fans (see picture) are said to be joyous and are believed to be using ‘Clair’ as further proof that the much more popular and newer medium vinyl lacks SCR’s warm sonic capabilities. They surely don’t make them like this anymore. KD

Meanwhile over yonder in Sweden….

Japan Air – Claire

More Info: Official & Myspace
Year: 2007

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