Cloud Cult – Chain Reaction

According to reputable publications Cloud Cult have released a new album. It comes barely a year after ‘The Meaning of 8’, a sprawling affair that I’ve yet to fully tame. If that album (their 7th) is anything to go Cloud Cult appear to have its fingers in lots of different pies. The result is enjoyable but you really have to work hard to appreciate where they are coming from. There are some moments of lucidity though like on opener ‘Chain Reaction’ which while quite dense has a fine sugar coating. Initially you could be forgiven for thinking that you are listening to the Album Leaf but Craig Minowa’s voice slowly takes centre stage and not even the presence of several sharp strings can detract from it. Cloud Cult may have their roots in the 1990’s but their environmentally conscious stand may eventually see them acclaimed as one of the noughties brightest (energy saving) lights. KD

Cloud Cult – Chain Reaction

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Year: 2007

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