Frazier Chorus – Dream Kitchen

I’m not sure I ever got a true velvet soft sound from any of the 100’s of cassettes I bought in the mid to late 80’s. Hiss was king you see and even if you could overlook that reptile type tendency you were forever at the behest of the dreaded chew gods. Thank the lord for slowly turning pencils is all I’ll say. Funny then that whenever I ever played ‘Dream Kitchen’ by Frazier Chorus I forgot about all the annoyances inherent in spooled tape. It may have only reached 57 in the UK charts but in the late eighties ‘Dream Kitchen’ sounded like the future. The Brighton based act were led by Tim Freeman (brother of actor Martin Freeman from the Office) and managed ever so well without ever resorting to a guitar or drums. They were signed to 4AD in what would have seemed a logical partnership but curiously the union was short-lived. KD

Frazier Chorus – Dream Kitchen

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Year: 1989

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