The Sound Of Animals Fighting – My Horse Must Lose

Don’t be put off by the electronic bleeps and misdemeanours early doors on ‘My Horse Must Lose’ as it matures quite beautifully. With that on board I better give you some background details, oh wait, according to their website TSOAF are made up of the Walrus, the Lynx, the Nightingale and the Skunk. Hmm, this mystery collective (check out the all knowing wikipedia for a more in depth zoological background) already have 2 albums to their name and a third is due to drop this autumn. I guess the best definition of them would be experimental but not so out there so as to make the job of listening a chore (wha?). See, this is the sort of drivel us bloggers have to dream up when we’re not privy to our accustomed A4 promo fact sheet. Terrible ain’t it, well you hardly come here for the writing do you. KD

The Sound Of Animals Fighting – My Horse Must Lose

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Year: 2006

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