VHS or Beta – Burn It All Down

So perhaps Beta won the format war after all with VHS rapidly going the way of the dodo and Beta sites appearing all over the place. Oh you know what I mean. VHS or Beta are a collective from Kentucky who peddle a not terribly original brand of electro rock. But then a lack of originality doesn’t always equal music that is surplus to requirements. ‘Burn It All Down’ sounds familiar, like something from a dusty 80’s compilation, but there is no denying the fun that can be had when it pours from the speakers. The monstrous guitar riff is undoubtedly primeval but it is given a contemporary lease of life by the unrelentless pumping beats. Like Daft Punk if they’d forgotten to pack their vocoders. KD

VHS Or Beta – Burn It All Down

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Year: 2007

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