Canadians – Summer Teenage Girl

The geographically mixed-up band known as Canadians are at it all over again. At least they were last year when their full-length debut ‘A Sky With No Stars’ came forth bearing plenty of indie rock kicks. I became familiar with the Verona act about 2 years ago when I found myself in a rabid listening session centred on a track of theirs called ‘It’s Over‘. ‘Summer Teenage Girl’ boasts a similar understated quirkyness, the kind you’d expect from Weezer where they still in the business of making decent music. Light and fluffy it may be but there are enough interesting asides to ensure return visits are rewarded. Especially fulfilling are the cascading chords that filter through towards the end which turns what could have been a simple thrill into something a good deal more tangible. KD

Canadians – Summer Teenage Girl

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Year: 2007

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