The Hi-Life Companion – The Girl In The Gorilla Suit

You know something like this could really catch on if Dom Joly was still plucking obscure yet instantly hummable tracks for his sketch show. ‘The Girl In The Gorilla Suit’ is built on a simple yet addictive premise and the Bristol collective (including brothers Matt and Jon Troy) known as the Hi-Life Companion must be applauded for their catchy endeavours. The tune is somewhat out of step with the bands other compositions, which can often be found sweetly skulking around the outskirts of tweeville. The omens thus far are decidedly favourable, hugger favourites Cloudberry Records have already released a 3-song CDR (which has sold out) from the band and their debut is currently being primed for a summer release. Troy’s second coming may be closer than you think. KD

The Hi-Life Companion – The Girl In The Gorilla Suit

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Year: 2008

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