The John Buddy Williams Band – Saturday Night Blowout

If I ever ditch this indie lark when I am old(er) in favour of something more gratifying then I hope it will be something along these lines. My knowledge of Calypso is scant at best (before hearing this tune and doing some investigation I actually thought it was an ice pop) but this frothy piece of action could kickstart my voyage of discovery. The genre is forever identified with the Caribbean but its origins lay further afield in Africa. This tune comes from the late fifties and was produced by Emory Cook, a renowned producer who knew how to fill earphones with a stereophonic sound. The production is immaculate and if you take the time to explore you’ll find the detail is extraordinary, these untrained ears can’t get past the fact that it all sounds like the most exhilarating Jazz they’ve ever heard. This song and many others can be found on the ace ‘Calypso Awakening’ compilation on Smithsonian Folkways (link to buy below). With this on repeat the dreariest day has all the makings of being the best holiday ever. Were Basement Jaxx to hear it they might say it’s time to Do Your Thing. KD

The John Buddy Williams Band – Saturday Night Blowout

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