Mad Gregs – Old Man

Fresh out of the box and not half as crazy as their name suggests (and distinctly Gregless too) this L.A. quartet are just the tonic for lazy summer afternoons. ‘Old Man’ is taken from their soon to be released debut ‘Big Nun’ and is awash with subtle harmonies and shuffling rhythms. To put it crudely it’s like Jack Johnson were he to up the talent ante 4 fold, quietly smash his acoustic guitar on some shore rocks and let his newly found creative juices flow. All four Mad Gregs members get involved in the vocals which leads to the wonderfully rounded utterances all over ‘Old Man’. Their frequent use of the clarinet, miniature drumming robots (allegedly) and in this case the sound of the clock from Countdown all adds up to a proposition that makes them stand apart from the herd. ‘Big Nun’ is out next month on Fake Four Inc. It’s like Alfie never left us. KD

Mad Gregs – Old Man

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Year: 2008

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  1. June 13, 2008

    You hit it right on the head when you compared them to Jack Johnson. They have a very interesting sound that distinguishes them from everyday music, and if they keep this up, they’ll be hitting the airwaves in no time.

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