Terrene – What We'll Never Be

Terrene were one of my tips for last year and as you’d expect they went exactly nowhere. Not even the music blogging superhighway that is the Hype Machine has given this neat little band the mileage they deserve. To add to the tale of woe their record label seems to have gone kaput recently. It all seems so unfair given that Terrene’s John Dylan is a Tasmanian devil whir of talented activity. Dylan mostly operates alone so the vocals, chords and electronic squiggles are all of his own making. ‘What We’ll Never Be’ displays the master at work, perhaps it is too edgy for daytime radio but there are so many splendid bit parts it seems such a waste that as many as possible don’t get to hear it. The song is taken from 2007’s ‘The Indifferent Universe’, a title which has thusfar turned out to be sadly prophetic. Let this little apple grow in your stereo. KD

Terrene – What We’ll Never Be

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Year: 2007

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