The Poems – Sometime Somewhere Someone Should Say Something

Put the music of Glasgow and Sweden on a gramophone and you’d easily have a lifetime’s worth of pristine pop. For such northerly climes it is quite amazing that the sunny melodies just refuse to stop shining. And now we have a new (ish, ‘Young America’, the bands debut, has been out in the States since 2006) entry in Glasgow’s impressive roll call, which is headed up by Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura. The Poems are lead by the engrossing chanteuse Kerry Polwart and her delicate forlorn cooing never wanders too far without the sweetest of harmonies. The music for its part is understated but proves a soft foil for Polwart’s storyboard, which makes it all the more mysterious why it has yet to recieve a European release. Fans of 80’s popsters the Bluebells (‘Young at Heart’ still haunts me) will be glad to hear that Robert Hodgens from that band is a very active member of the Poems. KD

The Poems – Sometime Somewhere Someone Should Say Something

Watch The Video To I’m A Believer

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Year: 2006

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  1. June 18, 2008

    I’ve never heard of this band before, but after listening to the song you posted, I have become a fan. I really enjoy the harmonies and the chimes. This is a very poppy sound and I just can’t help but smile as I’m listening to this.

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