Yuppie Flu – Fragile Forest

Before the advent of the internet you were often stuck with the aural signposts delivered via the print media. Alas this lead to a diet consisting solely of Anglo/American acts. At the time it hardly seemed to matter because we didn’t know any better. Now, however there are no limitations as you freely meander a mazy path through myspace or hook up with dozens of recommendations from like eared souls on last.fm. Owing to their geographical spread music blogs are also an increasingly useful beacon into as yet untouched corners of the world (he says sorta winkingly). How else can you explain the emergence of Yuppie Flu at increasingly lofty positions in listener’s charts well beyond their Italian base of Bologna? The band have over half a dozen albums to their name and their latest ‘Fragile Forest’ is being given the ‘pay as little as you want’ treatment on their website. If it were a fair world the average donation would breach double figures because indie pop as slinky as this deserves ample reward. KD

Yuppie Flu – Fragile Forest

Watch The Video For Spring To Downcomers

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Year: 2008

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