Dreadzone – Captain Dread

In just over a week I will be gritting my teeth and venturing back into the world of the 3-day festival after a 13 year hiatus. Yep, Feile ’95 was the last time I put myself through sustained food poisoning, trench foot and an almost mind numbing obsession to find cold draught beer. In truth it wasn’t that bad (you have to go back to the hopelessly romantic Trip2Tipp for that!), in fact I was just ecstatic to see the Stone Roses play (badly). My abiding memory of the weekend however is of Dreadzone’s super extended version of ‘Captain Dread’ which seemed to invigorate the loosely assembled dance tent for aoens. It was a near apocalyptic scene as dreadlocks, severely low wattage lighting, plumes of hash infused smoke and at least a thousand sweating young people simulated incoherently to a recurring tranche of celtic fused mayhem. It was a near life altering occasion as music and euphoric endeavour formed a perfect union. Listening to it even now sends a shiver down my spine. Here’s hoping Electric Picnic provides us with similar experiences, over to you Mr. Shields. KD

Dreadzone – Captain Dread

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Year: 1995

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  1. August 19, 2008

    Yeah I know, that’s why I’m doing a 5-day festival awareness course in Griffith College.

  2. August 20, 2008

    Making me very jealous Kevin. Looking forward to reading all about the picnic!

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